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    Description Price(each) Replacement (if lost)
    (1) Big pots M50.00 M450.00
    (2) Small candle holders M5.00 M40.00
    (3) Flower vases for 1 flower M8.00 M30.00
    (4) Glass vases assorted M20.00 M95.00
    (5) Fairy lights    
    (6) Chocolate Fountain M500.00 M1500.00
    (7) Arch M195.00 M950.00
    (8) Red carpet M200.00 M1200.00
    (9) Chafing dish M75.00 M700.00
    (10) Chafing dish round top M150.00 M3000.00
    (11) Trays M150.00 M1000.00
    (12) Urn M95.00 M900.00
Description Price(each) Replacement
(1) Fork M0.60 M10.00
(2) Knife M0.60 M10.00
(3) Dessert Spoon M0.60 M10.00
(4) Teaspoon M0.60 M10.00
(5) Serving spoon M2.50 M25.00
(6) Tong M4.00 M25.00
Tables & Chairs
(1) Long steel tables M20.00 M500.00
(2) Round table M25.00 M700.00
(3) Plastic chairs M4.00 M90.00
(1) Round table cloth M20.00 M350.00
(2) Long table cloth M15.00 M200.00
(3) Organza Overlays M10.00 M80.00
(4) Material Overlays M6.00 M40.00
(5) Serviettes M1.50 M10.00
(6) Chair covers M7.00 M100.00
(7) Chair binders M4.00 M50.00
(8) Skirting M35.00 M150.00
(9) Drape M100.00 M350.00
(10) Drape Organza M50.00 M250.00


  1. Copy of valid passport(identification documents)
  2. Deposit fee of 100 before order
  3. Physical address
  4. Telephone Number(mobile and workplace)

Wedding Cakes


Small Cake Orders


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Hiring Equipment

    Function Hiring

    Description Price(each) Replacement
    (1) silver/gold under plate M50.00 M450.00
    (2) Round dinner plate M5.00 M40.00
    (3) Dessert Bowl M8.00 M30.00
    (4) Cups M20.00 M95.00
    (5) Saucers    
    (1) Wine glasses M1.00 M15.00
    (2) Champagne glasses M1.00 M15.00
    (3) High ball glasses M1.00 M15.00
    (1) Jugs M3.50 M35.00
    (2) Salad Bowl small M10.00 M40.00
    (3) Salad bowl small M20.00 M70.00
    (4) Platters M15.00 M60.00
    (5) Salt & pepper set M4.50 M30.00

Flower Arranging


Memorable Experiences

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